Az üzlet nyitva kedd-szerda-csütörtök: 11-18-ig


together with a new and easy method of instruction in the Art of Singing, designed for Singing and Common Schools, Social Assemblies, Choir Practice, and for Religious Worship. In Two Parts.
Szerző: Joseph and Horace Bird
Kiadva: Boston, 1852
Kiadó: Oliver Ditson
Kötés: karton
Oldalszám: 252
Állapot: viseltes

Part I. contains the rules and elementary principles of musical instruction, arranged with songs, glees, etc., adapted to the several degrees of the pupil's progress. The music of this part has also been selected with reference to forming a choice collection of the most admired and popular melodies. The whole arranged for four voices.
Part II. contains metrical tunes, select pieces, anthems, chants, and grand choruses, many of them by the most eminent composers. For public and private worship

Ár:2 000 Ft