Russian language (orosz nyelvű). Mayakovsky is not mentioned as auther. 5000 copies printed.
Szerző: Vladimir Mayakovsky (Vlagyimir Majakovszkij)
Kiadva: Moszkva (Moscow), 1921
Kiadó: Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo
Kötés: kiadói papír
Oldalszám: 70
Állapot: közepes

Medium condition book, the original paper edge slightly fragmented, the inner sheets are good. Book size: 18x13,5 cm.

"Completed 150 Millions. Published it anonymously, so that everyone could add things and improve it. Nobody did, everybody knew the name of the author anyway. Well, whatever. Now it comes out with my name on," Mayakovsky commented in I, Myself autobiography ("Year 1920" chapter)

On 6 May 1921 in the course of one of the Soviet government's meetings Lenin forwarded a note to Lunacharsky: "You should be ashamed of yourself, having supported the printing of 5 thousand copies of Mayakovsky's 150 000 000. Its nonsensical, utterly silly and pretentious. I reckon no more than 1 of 10 books of this ilk should be published, and in 1500 copies maximum, for libraries and oddballs who enjoy reading such things. You, Lunacharsky, should be caned for your Futurism. Lenin." /Wikipedia/

54 000 Ft